In addition to your agency's travel policy, you should comply with the following guidelines:

  • Do use your government travel account to pay for official travel expenses.
  • Do obtain travel advances for official travel through an ATM if authorized by your agency.
  • Do track your expenses and keep receipts while on travel so you have accurate information for filing your travel claim.
  • Do file your travel claim within five working days after you complete your trip or every 30 days if you are on continuous travel.
  • Do submit payment in full for each monthly bill.
  • Do follow your bank's dispute process for charges which are incorrect.
  • Do contact your bank's customer service number if you have questions about your monthly bill.
  • Do be aware that misuse of the travel account could result in disciplinary actions by your agency.
  • Do be aware that failure to pay your bill in a timely manner can result in suspension or cancelation of your account.
  • Do destroy your travel charge card if you leave your agency or retire.
  • Do immediately report your lost or stolen account to your A/OPC and the issuing bank.
  • Do destroy any lost or stolen cards that are recovered.
  • Do be aware of identity theft schemes attempting to gain access to financial information.


  • Don’t use your travel account for personal use.
  • Don’t obtain travel advances through the ATM which exceed your expected out of pocket expenditures for a trip.
  • Don’t obtain travel advances through the ATM unless you are on travel or will be on travel shortly.
  • Don’t allow your monthly bill to become overdue because this could result in suspension or cancelation of your account.
  • Don’t wait for receipt of your monthly billing statement to file your travel claim.
  • Don’t forget that the account is issued in your name and liability for payment is your responsibility.
  • Don’t write your personal identification number (PIN) down or carry your PIN in your wallet.