You are the government's agent for each purchase made with the fleet account. You are responsible for each transaction. In addition to the responsibilities listed here, you must comply with all applicable regulations and procedures of your agency/organization and the agency/organization providing the equipment.


  • Do keep the account in a safe and secure place.
  • Do purchase regular unleaded self- service gasoline from service stations that offer the lowest price, except when the vehicle requires diesel or alternative fuel or under other authorized conditions.
  • Do use the account to purchase oil, fluids and other necessary maintenance and repairs only as authorized.
  • Do observe all dollar limits on purchases.
  • Do seek state tax exemption on all non-fuel purchases.
  • Do use the account ethically.
  • Do immediately report a lost or stolen account to your Fleet Manager or Fleet Service Representative and the issuing bank.
  • Do return your account to the Fleet Manager or Fleet Service Representative if you leave your agency/organization or retire.
  • Do destroy any lost or stolen accounts that are recovered.
  • Do be aware of identity theft schemes attempting to gain access to financial information.
  • Do be aware that misuse of the fleet account could result in disciplinary actions by your agency.


  • Don’t use the fleet account to purchase food, beverages or other items for personal use.
  • Don’t use an old fleet account that was replaced for any reason.
  • Don’t use a fleet account assigned to another vehicle. Your fleet account may only be used for your agency vehicles. For vehicles leased through GSA Fleet, the GSA Fleet Services Card is used.  If you are uncertain as to whether a purchase is appropriate, ask your Fleet Manager or Fleet Service Representative. Your agency/organization may have additional restrictions for the use of the account.