FAQs for Businesses & Vendors

  1. How do I accept a Government charge card?
  2. Are Government charge cards tax exempt?
  3. Are there additional costs for accepting Government charge cards?
  4. How do I identify GSA SmartPay2 Government charge cards?
  5. What if I am unable to accept the Government charge card?
  6. Do I have to accept Government charge cards?
  7. How can I promote the use of Government charge cards at my business?
  8. Can cardholders use their card to fund alternative payment mechanisms, such as PayPal?
  9. Where can I find the VISA and MasterCard rules and regulations?
  10. Is a merchant allowed to photocopy a GSA SmartPay charge card?

How do I accept a Government charge card?

GSA SmartPay2 cardholders may carry the following card brands: Visa, MasterCard, and Voyager. Voyager cards may only be used for fleet related purchases. You can maximize your ability to capture Government sales by accepting these charge cards.

GSA SmartPay2 charge cards operate just like other charge cards. If you already accept these card brands for non-Government purchases, you can accept Government charge cards. If you do not currently accept these cards, contact any financial institution to learn more about establishing a merchant account.


The GSA SmartPay® program provides charge cards to agencies/departments throughout the U.S. government, as well as tribal governments, through master contracts that are negotiated with major national banks.

SmartPay® Charge Cards are for Official U.S. Government usage only.


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